Hospital Management of COVID-19

Note: This page was most recently updated at the end of 2021, and does not yet reflect the new oral anti-virals or new guidance regarding steroids and immunomodulators. 

Inpatient Management of COVID-19 Respiratory Failure

For inpatient treatment of COVID-19 pneumonia with acute respiratory failure (aka, people with a positive COVID-19 test who need oxygen to keep their SPO2 > 92%).

Oxygen therapy levels

Titrate oxygen for SPO2 > 92%

Oxygen delivery modalities, stepwise:

Non-medication adjuncts

For all patients requiring oxygen (respiratory failure)

For high risk patients, or anybody that acutely worsens

It is not yet clear whether baricitinib or tocilizumab is superior. Choice depends mostly on availability and institutional practice.

If bacterial pneumonia suspected

2-3% of COVID-19 pneumonia patients also develop bacterial pneumonia.

For symptom relief

DVT prophylaxis