Suture Duration

Suture Removal Time Period

Face: 5 days

Ear: 5 days

Neck: 7 days

Scalp: 7 days

Arm: 10 days

Hand: 10 days

Leg: 10 days

Chest: 10 days

Abdomen: 10 days

Back: 14 days

Foot: 14 days

Sutures in wounds under greater tension may have to be left in place slightly longer.  For joint extensor surfaces, add 3 days.

Needle Types

Taper Point:  This is a standard sewing needle type needle- it just gets bigger as you go along. It dilates the skin rather than cuts it. Best suited for soft tissue and stuff that stretches.

Reverse Cutting: Very sharp, and ideal for the skin. This cuts rather than dilates.

Conventional Cutting: Very sharp, cuts rather than dilates. However this needle has the cutting surface on the inside of the curve of the needle - so it creates weaknesses that allow the suture to tear out.

Taper Cutting: This is mainly used in cardiac or vascular procedures, because it works well on touch or calcified tissues.