Endometrial Biopsy


Sponge forceps (1)

Nitrile exam gloves (2 pair each)

Exam-room sheet (1 sheet)

Chux pads (4)

Speculum (3 total: 1 white, 1 green, 1 blue)

Lubricant gel packet (5)

Pipelle (1)

Os finder (1)

Formalin cup (1 cup)

Foxtail swabs (at least 5 or more)

Sanitary pad (1)

Iodine swab sticks (3)

Procedure Note


Procedure was discussed with the patient including indications, risks, benefits, and alternatives.  The patient opted to go forward with procedure.  Timeout completed and documented on paper chart.

After visualization of the cervix with a clean speculum the cervix was prepped with iodine swab sticks, a single tooth tenaculum was used to stabilize the cervix, then an endometrial biopsy pipelle was inserted through the cervical os.  Uterus measured _ cm on the pipelle markings.  Tenaculum removed.  Pipelle plunger was withdrawn completely and a spiral motion of the pipelle was performed to sample the endometrial lining.  A total of _ passes were performed until  adequate sampling obtained.  Pipelle removed.  Tenaculum site was hemostatic.  Minimal bleeding noted from cervical os.  Patient tolerated procedure well.  Return precautions given.

Followup per pathology results.