Update Outlook GAL Info

This page explains how to change your Outlook Global Address List (GAL) information, such as your current position, rank, phone number, and anything else you want to show up when people find you in the Outlook global.

Step 1

Go to https://idco.dmdc.osd.mil/idco/.  Select your PIV (Authentication) cert to get into ID Card Office Online.  Select "My Profile."

Where this link came from

If you have trouble logging in, you may first need to go through MilConnect.  Once you have logged in, the link is available by following these links:

Landing page for Navy ID Card Office Online

Step 2

Log in again using your CAC

Step 3

Update your "My Profile," first to verify your personal email, and family member contact information.

Step 4

Now update your work information.  Select "MIL" and verify your work information.

The last tab, "MIL" should be reflected in your address in Outlook. The Navy email system is undergoing yet another update. Historically changing this information could take up to 72 hours before it populated in Outlook, and this may still be true.