EFMP Categories

EFMP Categories

From OPNAVINST 1754.2E (note, this is now and old version, find all new versions at the My Navy HR EFMP Page)

Category 1: Enrollment for monitoring purposes

Family member needs do not generally limit assignments. Enrollment is for monitoring purposes due to medical or educational needs.

Category 2: No CONUS assignment restrictions.

OCONUS and remote assignments may be restricted if the qualifying condition cannot be supported due to the availability of required services. If orders are for overseas or remote duty, the family must successfully complete suitability screening.

Category 3: No CONUS assignment restrictions.

No overseas assignments based on non-availability of medical or educational services at overseas locations. The family member’s medical or educational condition precludes assignment to overseas locations.

Category 4: No overseas assignments, CONUS assignments must be near major medical areas.

The family member’s special medical condition or educational needs require assignment to billets within a 2-hour drive under most conditions to access specialty care. This can be an MTF or a civilian TRICARE facility.

Category 5: Meets criteria to homestead.

The family member’s needs are highly specialized, complex or severe, requiring continuity of care. 1Homestead Assignment: A detailing option that may permit a Service member, whose family member is identified by the central screening committees to require specialized intervention of continuity of medical care, with an opportunity to remain in a particular geographic location to establish. Homestead sites must be selected based on their ability to provide requisite services and appropriate operational and shore rotation. Homestead sites that can support operational and shore rotations may include, but are not limited to:

Note: to ensure career progression and opportunity and the needs of the Navy, service members who have a category 5 EFM(s), can elect to be detailed and relocated to another location as long as the continuity of care can be maintained for the enrolled family member.

Category 6: Temporary category.

The medical or educational condition requires a stable environment for 6 months to 1 year due to ongoing treatment or diagnostic assessments. This category must be updated within 1 year to receive permanent category or disenrollment.