SAMFE Blurbs

# Instructions

## Medications you received today to prevent pregnancy:

- {|Plan B||Ella||Paraguard IUD|}

## Medications you received today to prevent infection:

**Already given**

- Ceftriaxone: 250 mg injection.  This was given in clinic.

**Take when you get home**

- Zofran (odansetron):  8 mg dissolvable tab.  Take this 30 minutes before taking the next two medications.  This will prevent nausea.

- Azithromycin: 1 gram (either 4 tabs, or a powder that you mix in water).  Take all 4 tabs together.

- Metronidazole: 2 grams (4 tabs).  Take all 4 tabs together.

**To have in case you need it**

- Diflucan: 1 tab, take in 1-2 days if you develop a yeast infection.

- Naproxen: Take this for pain or cramping.

## Labs you did today

- Pregnancy


- Syphilis

- Hepatitis

## Next step: Follow-Up

Make an appointment to follow up with your doctor in {1-2} weeks to discuss the results from the above tests.  This visit will also give you a chance to bring up any symptoms you may be having.

## Later Follow-Up:

Because sometimes infections do not show up in your blood immediately, you should return in 3-6 weeks to have these labs rechecked:


- Syphilis

- Hepatitis (if you are not immune)

## Immunizations

Finally, it is a good idea to get these immunizations, if you don't already have them:

- Hepatitis B

- HPV (this is a virus that causes genital warts)

You can walk in to the immunizations clinic and request these, you don't need an appointment!