Pre-Travel Encounter


Pre-travel visit.  Will be traveling to _ for _ weeks.


N/A, virtual visit


The patient’s current medications and allergies were reconciled and there were no identified learning barriers. The assessment was discussed with the patient and a treatment plan was developed to address patient’s treatment goals. This encounter was completed as a virtual visit. The risks and benefits of care delivered via virtual health were discussed with the patient/family at the beginning of the encounter. The patient/family was verbally informed about their right to refuse care via telehealth and other, non- virtual care options that are available. Patient verbalized understanding and provided verbal consent to continue with the virtual visit. 


Travel to malaria-endemic area _ planned.


Pre-travel counseling performed.
Malaria prophylaxis: _.
PRN travel medications given to have on hand, patient counseled on appropriate use.
Discussed how to obtain medical care when traveling if needed.


Z71. 84 - Encounter for health counseling related to travel